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Sample test has 12 questions: 8 passage-based and 4 independent questions.

Biology: digestive and excretory systems, nervous and endocrine systems, circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems.

Organic Chemistry: organic bonding, hydrocarbons.

Physics: fluids and solids.  

General Chemistry: electrochemistry, electronic structure and the Periodic table.

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"Our son took the MCAT this summer.  His preparation materials included your products and he was enjoying them very much.  He got 13 on biological section and, I think, 12 on physical.  We are sure that your tests played an important role in his getting these high scores.  And comparing the prices, the value of your products is excellent!  Thank you." – Parents of Timothy F., Harvard University

"Hello, I’ve found your site through the referrals of other premeds and I’m glad I did!  As far as bio and physical sciences go, you have the best prep stuff I’ve used so far.  Hope you’ll add more tests in the future." – Mike A., University of Texas Austin

"My daughter is very happy with your practice tests and she feels that she really learned a lot about sciences from your explanations.  She also likes to do the simulated thing, where she gets to pick the answers and receives her score afterwards.  Her scores are getting higher and higher and she actually feels that she is ready to sit for the test." – Parent of Susan T., University of Florida

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